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About Us

Kardashian Printing Services is a commercial printing company based in Ermington NSW, Australia.

It was established in 1953 by Mehran and Albert Kardashian in Beirut – Lebanon, under the name “Kardashian Bros. Press and Bindery”. Over the years it has changed the name to “Kardashian Printing Press”, and finally to “Kardashian Printing Services” (KPS), to better reflect the company’s expanding activities. It was moved to Australia to take advantage of the abundant opportunities available. It has progressed from strength to strength over the past years.

In a very fast growing industry, KPS is a growing and an expanding company that is capable of publishing paper/paperless products of the highest quality possible.

Kardashian Printing Services is a family business. We treat our employees as family members and encourage them to deal with our customers likewise.

KPS is a B2B company that provides other businesses solutions for connecting with their clients. Our aim is to provide our customers the satisfaction and value for all their needs of paper/paperless publishing, and relevant services. We want to make our quality important to our customers’ success, so our products and services become their only real value choice.

KPS serves charitable associations by consulting them and supplying all their publishing needs.

KPS also works closely with educational institutions to provide them with all the necessary tools for promoting excellence in language and critical thinking.

We will provide our customers better communication solutions through different tools of paper/paperless publications.

We will also strive to create a secure work environment within the company that will reflect outwards to our customers and the community at large.